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All your information available from one centrale spot online

Manage and structure all activities and documents, easily share with both internal as external people

Transparant overview of your resource capacity

What is resource 'A' doing throughout all projects? When do we have enough resources available to start a new project?

Integrate existing business applications with Bizinline

Use information from other systems in your projects or the other way around

Splendid overview of progress, costs and resources giving the control you need

Built for speed, simplicity and beauty

  • Projects
  • Portfolios
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  • Organisation

Easy and intuitive support to get your job done

Bizinline can be easily adopted due to the user friendly social media interface. It also includes a revolutionary feature for time booking

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Timeline interface


Team members need to know what they are supposed to do and when they should do it
bizinline enables this

Every user has an individual dashboard which is intuitive and easy to customize to give insight in what should be done first


Project managers should be able to plan activities and to follow the status
bizinline enables this

In the project timeline interface it is possible to add tasks, issues, risks and documents and assign them to project members and get updated on the status at any time, any place


The management wants to see what the costs are of the different projects and what everybody is doing
bizinline enables this

All the time that is planned or booked in different tasks throughout the projects, portfolios, programs of the organisation, is collected and displayed in the organisation overview

All the tools to finish a succesful project

Project timeline

By looking at the timeline users understand in one glance what's been happening

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